a picture of me in my backyard!

Basic Information

I grew up in a city about an hour or so away from Los Angeles (depending on traffic) in the San Gabriel Valley. I have a younger brother and sister who are both significantly taller than me (which makes me seem like the youngest -- this can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation). If for some reason you were wondering, I'm an Aquarius sun, Libra rising, and Virgo moon and also a proud Slytherin. I also took a statistics based character personality test and got 84% most like Eric Forman from That 70s Show which I find both slightly sad and very funny.

Okay. What else?
a collage I made of my friends!

My Friends

Before coming to UCSB, I went to an all girls Catholic high school where I met some of the best people who, not to be dramatic or anything, have definitely made my life a lot more bright and fun. I also mention the all girls Catholic high school thing because I feel like when I mention that, people who meet me go, "Oh! That makes sense." See me interview some of my spectacular friends in the link below.

Interviews Alright. What else?
me at the aquarium in Downtown Santa Barbara!

Jeez, you're nosy!

I initially made this website for a responsive web design seminar but it has since expanded because one of my main hobbies is oversharing things that others don't really find interesting. I can't think of anything else I can neatly sum up in a short and sweet paragraph, and I don't think my life the past nineteen years has been that interesting but if for some reason you wanna know more, get in touch with me either through the form or on my socials! Or feel free to keep exploring my website! I love making new friends! :)

A Couple of Links You Can Click On

(Only if you please.)

  • My Quarantine Playlist

    Check out this playlist of some of my favorite songs at the moment! Features some Taylor Swift, ABBA, Dua Lipa, and more.

  • Some Lovely Literature

    Here's a list of some of my all time favorite books with some of my favorite quotes from those books! (Try saying that five times fast.)

  • Help a Homie Out

    There are two things I have spent months looking for and have ultimately given up on. Maybe you've seen them before? Help a homie out! It'll also be greatly appreciated.

  • Honey, Honey

    If you couldn't already tell by the playlist, I'm a big ABBA fan. Here's even more evidence of my ABBA appreciation!

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